Edge of Precipice

There was a time when eating a mango and licking the juice off my hand would give me so much joy. Riding a bicycle would be exhilarating. Running till I cant feel my legs anymore will be the thrill I needed. Playing on a swing will take me to the top of the world. Seeing my mom return home from office will make me so happy. The time when Ice cream, Hide and seek and summer time, were not mere words.

But somewhere along the way I lost the child in me. Life happened.

I finished my school. I knew exactly what I wanted to do next. I started running towards it. Calculated steps. I ran because the fear of being stagnant. But I missed my mark. Fell short. I settled. But found out, it was all I was hoping for. Got the best out of it.

Now I am a college graduate. An Engineer!  Another precipice. Precipice, a word that can exactly capture the stage of my life right now.

Adulthood. Jobs. Money. Taxes. Cheques and responsibility.

I am about to take a nose dive off of a very steep cliff. I have to free fall and let the wind guide me. Tumbling down. The thought terrifies me. I am the kind of person that has plans for every aspect of my life. I never a step without planning. But now, Uncertainty is all that lies ahead, even though I know the job I am going to do. What will I be doing in the next 3 years? Will I become another slave to the society or will I retain what is left of the child in me? Am I doing the right thing?

A Precipice.

All I can do now is to enjoy the view. Take in everything. I might as well enjoy the decent if I am going down the precipice!Hope the deep drop doesn’t beat me, because Lord knows it did in the past!

Cheers! *Rises Kappi Tumbler!*

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