Liebster Award

Hello Everyone! A few days ago, I was nominated by for the Liebester Award. I feel very honored for the nomination and wish to convey my sincere thanks for considering me worthy. The rules for the Liebster Award are Acknowledge the blog that nominated you and display the award Give 11 random facts about yourself... Continue Reading →


Inevitable Wardrobe clearance.

Yesterday my Mom forced me to clean out my wardrobe. I have been postponing it for weeks. But I know it is Inevitable. I am moving away at the end of the month. She wants to get rid of some of my clutter that I have hoarded over the years. It is sort of a... Continue Reading →

World through my 6 inch device.

You know you are in the age of Internet when your Dad leaves a birthday wish on your Facebook wall. Yes, that happened on my Birthday! I am a 90's Indian kid. So, I have been fortunate enough to remember the time before the age of smartphones and internet. The time when doing an assignment... Continue Reading →

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