World through my 6 inch device.

You know you are in the age of Internet when your Dad leaves a birthday wish on your Facebook wall.

Yes, that happened on my Birthday!

I am a 90’s Indian kid. So, I have been fortunate enough to remember the time before the age of smartphones and internet. The time when doing an assignment actually means spending time in library and taking notes from a book, and not ripping various paragraphs off of Sparknotes. And when you have to wait to develop the photos till the film roll in the camera gets over. My god, I sound old!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Interwebs! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, Tumblr.. you name it, I have an account. I get to be friends with people that I don’t even know, just because we have one similar interest or share my craziness for one thing, one example being Harry potter. I mean who doesn’t love that!

It is just that I think maybe as the world gets smaller because of internet, we lose our depth in the process. Maybe we lose our originality because of it. Maybe we lose a little bit of humanity because of it.

My view of the world through my smartphone is perfect. Everyone is happy, pretty and healthy. Everything is perfect and rosy. When I know in reality it is not. It has poor hungry people dying of hunger and wars and murders and rapes, happening as we scroll through our facebook feed.

We spend a lot of time in getting one perfect picture with the right filter, in the correct lighting and costume, so that we can post it on our Instagram. But nobody talks about the hundreds of pictures that remains unused on the camera roll. Why do we do this? For whom are we doing this for?

Maybe it started as a way to capture the moment that we were truly happy. A Graduation, a wedding, a birthday or even a party. To have something to remember the moment by ad to share our happiness to our friends. But it has transformed into something else entirely, a long time ago. It has become a way to seek validation and get likes and estimate our self worth based on it.

It has become a competition. A competition of who has the perfect life. Those who get more likes are the winners and those who do not- Losers. Because if not, if it is our true intention to post our life’s happenings on the internet, why don’t we post the picture of the time that we failed, the time that we didn’t get a promotion or didn’t get a salary hike, the time that we broke up or the time we are depressed.

It has become necessary to document my every move on the Internet. I feel compelled to take pictures of places I have been to, the food I have eaten, or the stuff I bought, so that I can make my life seem more interesting to people, who don’t even remember my birthday without a reminder.

The age of Internet has paved a way for us to judge a person based off of their looks. Do you think, I get the same number of likes for a profile picture and my blog link, on facebook? hell, no. It is not only the case with me, it happens to a number of other artists and bloggers too. Nobody cares about anything other than the looks, anymore, on Facebook.

It is too late to quit, too. We have given it too much power. Too much importance. It has become a way to connect to the long lost friends and distant relatives. The tool to wish people on their birthdays and holidays. Gone are the days of Letters and greeting cards. Everything has lost its originality and personal touch. Everything has become robotic and everyone the same.

Isn’t scary to realize that the time we spend staring at the mountain through a six inch screen is greater that the time spent enjoying the view?!




4 thoughts on “World through my 6 inch device.

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  1. True words! 90’s kids unite!
    Fight against the superficialness we used to love sooo much when we were younger (ohhh how stupid have we been).
    Lets get back to chain letters, call cascades and oral agreements.

    Remember when you and your friends agreed in school to meet at 5 pm on the playground…..and everybody was there in time? There was no chance to delay the meeting or relocate. It was: “Be there or be square”……and it worked.

  2. I used to have a quite appealing number of FB friends a few years ago. One day loading up some plain pics about an ordinary weekend I felt myself so ridiculous for boosting with a trip on the local hill that I stopped doing this and I deleted my FB account for 2 years. Furthermore some new but not direct colleagues of mine wanted to befriend me. Guys, I do not want any strangers to bruise through my pics.
    It is ridiculous that people take photos of their food before starting to eat it in rests. I can imagine what middle-aged waiters think about this fuss….
    I am 34 years old but I am a bit relieved that I have this way of thinking not because my age!!! :):):):)

    1. I came to this realization when I saw a youtuber engrossed in her phone in one her vlogs and I thought it looked really stupid when you are surrounded with a lot of people and you are just looking at a stupid device and I realized I was doing the same thing.
      And I don’t think the age is a factor here, although I consider me to be a 20 y.o grandma, sometimes you just get fedup with some stuff.

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