Hinduism- A Scientific Religion

Being brought up in a traditional Hindu family, I have been following many traditional practices since by birth. I have been hearing stories, songs and Bhajans my whole life, praising the Lord and his generosity. But to be frank, I did not know the meaning for many of the traditions and have been blindly following... Continue Reading →


Book Review: Wonder.

I had given up writing book reviews a long time ago simply because I have read some reviews that are far better than I could ever write and I see no point in writing something that is not going to be useful to anyone. But after I read this book I felt that I HAD... Continue Reading →


An excellent student, a flawless beauty, a brilliant actress, a great politician, an influential leader, a warrior queen and above all a learned feminist, has finally become one with the soil she toiled in. A nightmare to her opponents, she was a force to be reckoned with. I am not a person who follows politics... Continue Reading →

It is Diwali tomorrow!

It is Diwali tomorrow! Even after 20 years, this sentence a face-splitting grin to my face! ┬áThe whole city is eagerly waiting for the arrival of Diwali, just like me. While I am sitting cross-legged, in my bed writing this blog, my neighbors are bursting today's quota of crackers, before it starts to rain again.... Continue Reading →

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