Bharathi and Modern Feminism

It was my Patti who introduced me to Bharathi, when I was in 5th standard, for a Tamil poem reciting competition. It was Kakkai siraginiley. And I was in love with the man. He talked about everything that are buzz words right now. Independence, equality, love, romance, and most importantly, Feminism. The guy had great... Continue Reading →


The Comfort of Familiarity

Do you know you could miss a smell? I didn't. Until I entered my own home after a 15 day vacation. So, I was on a vacation for the past 15 days. I got to do so many things most people could only dream of. I went river rafting on Sutlej, dipped my toes on... Continue Reading →

Edge of Precipice

There was a time when eating a mango and licking the juice off my hand would give me so much joy. Riding a bicycle would be exhilarating. Running till I cant feel my legs anymore will be the thrill I needed. Playing on a swing will take me to the top of the world. Seeing... Continue Reading →

Just a Piece of Meat!

So, I was cat called the other day! It is always fun. What was I wearing, you ask? Why, Just a sweaty, smelly, baggy work out T-shirt and a old gym tracks, with my sweaty hair matted to my head in a sad excuse of a bun. Attractive, I know! Where were you, you ask,... Continue Reading →

Hinduism- A Scientific Religion

Being brought up in a traditional Hindu family, I have been following many traditional practices since by birth. I have been hearing stories, songs and Bhajans my whole life, praising the Lord and his generosity. But to be frank, I did not know the meaning for many of the traditions and have been blindly following... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Wonder.

I had given up writing book reviews a long time ago simply because I have read some reviews that are far better than I could ever write and I see no point in writing something that is not going to be useful to anyone. But after I read this book I felt that I HAD... Continue Reading →


An excellent student, a flawless beauty, a brilliant actress, a great politician, an influential leader, a warrior queen and above all a learned feminist, has finally become one with the soil she toiled in. A nightmare to her opponents, she was a force to be reckoned with. I am not a person who follows politics... Continue Reading →

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