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World through my 6 inch device.

You know you are in the age of Internet when your Dad leaves a birthday wish on your Facebook wall. Yes, that happened on my Birthday! I am a 90's Indian kid. So, I have been fortunate enough to remember the time before the age of smartphones and internet. The time when doing an assignment... Continue Reading →

My Journey through Books.

I think my love for books started as a love for stories. When I was young, my parents disconnected the cable connection in my house, as they thought it was spoiling me rotten, which it did. So the only way to spend my summer vacation was by listening to my Patti's stories. And she had... Continue Reading →

A Total Love for Strangers- in retrospect.

One of my earliest childhood memories involves me, standing over the big grilled window in our balcony with my Patti, talking to people passing on the street and them replying back. The conversations, obviously are not lengthy ones, but short fragments full of love for a little girl in a white shimmy! I don't know... Continue Reading →

Bharathi and Modern Feminism

It was my Patti who introduced me to Bharathi, when I was in 5th standard, for a Tamil poem reciting competition. It was Kakkai siraginiley. And I was in love with the man. He talked about everything that are buzz words right now. Independence, equality, love, romance, and most importantly, Feminism. The guy had great... Continue Reading →

The Comfort of Familiarity

Do you know you could miss a smell? I didn't. Until I entered my own home after a 15 day vacation. So, I was on a vacation for the past 15 days. I got to do so many things most people could only dream of. I went river rafting on Sutlej, dipped my toes on... Continue Reading →

Edge of Precipice

There was a time when eating a mango and licking the juice off my hand would give me so much joy. Riding a bicycle would be exhilarating. Running till I cant feel my legs anymore will be the thrill I needed. Playing on a swing will take me to the top of the world. Seeing... Continue Reading →

Just a Piece of Meat!

So, I was cat called the other day! It is always fun. What was I wearing, you ask? Why, Just a sweaty, smelly, baggy work out T-shirt and a old gym tracks, with my sweaty hair matted to my head in a sad excuse of a bun. Attractive, I know! Where were you, you ask,... Continue Reading →

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